TICK    ( Is a five-level vocabulary programme with multiple choice and odd-man out exercises).

English-on line  (On this site you'll find links to many activities and resources to improve your English and prepare for the Certificates d'Escoles Oficials d'Idiomes.).

SWIM  (is an on-line programme for reading and writing development (After writing enter your tutor’s e-mail and send your text for feedback)).

Text to text  (writing activities for elementary and pre-intermediate levels).

New Headway activities  (Interactive grammar and vocabulary exercises from beginner to advanced level).

Activities for EFL students

English Exercises On-line  (is a site where you can do many exercises from beginners to advanced level).

La Mansión del Inglés  (On line course and resources).

The Cambridge exam trainer

ON-line Writing Lab (all levels)

Listening Resources for students of English  (is a site where you can do listening comprehension activities on line at three different levels.).

Better English  (is another site to find on-line exercises for the EFL learner. The exercises are organized by type: grammar, vocabulary, easy exercises etc ).
English Club  website for learners and teachers of English